Q: Is Birgitta available for interviews?
A: Yes, preferably feature interviews or quotes directly related to her work with Democracy in the digital era, IMMI and or the Pirate Party.

Q: Does Birgitta participate events?
A: Yes, Birgitta participates in events that are relevant to her work. Due to frequent travel and time constraints please take care of and cover all her travel arrangements from door to door, including accommodations.

Q: How did the Pirate Party in Iceland do in the snap elections on the 29th October 2016?
A: Pirate Party tripled in size in three years and got 14.5% and 10 members of parliament out of 63 in the snap election in 2016. A year later in yet another snap elections the party lost 4 seats and has now 6 members of parliament. Birgitta decided to get out of the parliamentary bubble before the elections in October 2017 and did not run.  

Q: Why did the Pirate Party score this high in polls in 2016?
A: One of the many theories why so many of the Icelandic nation trust us in the polls is because people sense that we stand for enacting changes that have to do with reforming the systems, rather than changing minor things that might easily be changed back. Our policies therefore stand in stark contrast to what appears to be the pattern of modern politics; minor changes but always the same dysfunctional system. We do not define ourselves as left or right but rather as a party that focuses on the systems. In other words, we consider ourselves hackers – so to speak – of our current outdated systems of government.

Q: Is Birgitta still working with WikiLeaks?
A: No.

Where to find background material about Birgitta and her work?
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